Juntendo University

Juntendo, originally founded in 1838 as a Dutch school of medicine, has continued to develop education, research, and clinical care. Juntendo University is now the oldest surviving school of western medicine in Japan.
Over Juntendo University’s 185-year history there have been 9 directors/CEOs. Currently, 8 undergraduate programs in Medicine, Health and Sports Science, Health Care and Nursing, Health Sciences and Nursing, and International Liberal Arts, Health Science (Physical Therapy / Radiological Technology), Medical Science, and Health Data Science and 4 graduate programs in Medicine, Health and Sports Science, Health Care and Nursing, and Health Science together make Juntendo University a health integrated higher education institution.
With a history of over 70 years, the Graduate School of Medicine has over 70 different research fields within the Doctorate Program and 6 different courses within the Master’s Program, 13 research centers approved by the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), 5 research support centers, and 12 endowed departments and 3 joint research departments that produce advanced medical research. There are 831 students enrolled in the M.D. Program and 912 students enrolled in the Graduate School of Medicine M.S. and Ph.D. Programs. In recent years around 200 medical students and doctors from around the world have attended the Faculty of Medicine’s Clinical Observership Program.

Juntendo University’s Main Campus and Hospital is located in the center of Tokyo. The 4 other campuses and affiliated hospitals are located throughout Tokyo, Shizuoka, Chiba, and Saitama. The Juntendo University Affiliated Hospital network is composed of 6 hospitals: the Main Hospital (Tokyo, Hongo-Ochanomizu), Shizuoka Hospital, Urayasu Hospital, Koshigaya Hospital, Koto Geriatric Medical Center, and Nerima Hospital. In total the 6 affiliated hospitals have 3,589 hospital beds. Combined Juntendo University’s 6 affiliated hospitals make up the largest hospital network in Japan specializing in a wide spectrum of areas including, advanced medical care, regional healthcare, emergency healthcare, perinatal care, elderly care, psychiatric care, cancer treatment, and other medical care needs. The overall strengths of the university enable Juntendo University to make strong connections within Japan and on international levels.

Mission Statement

The mission of Juntendo University is to strive for advances in society through education, research, and healthcare. To accomplish this mission, based on the Japanese idiom “Sanmu Shugi”, Juntendo University accepts anyone regardless of their gender, nationality, or academic background who embodies the university motto “Jin – I exist as you exist” and the principle of “Fudan Zenshin - Continuously Moving Forward”.
By creating an environment that focuses on how improvements may be made in the future, Juntendo University helps highly motivated individuals who care for others become healthcare professionals patients can believe in, scientists capable of innovative discoveries and inventions, and global citizens ready to serve society.

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Juntendo University
Juntendo University

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Juntendo University

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Juntendo University

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