June 16-17, 2024 JUNTENDO University, Tokyo, Japan

June 16:09:00 AM - 06:00 PM | June 17:09:00 AM - 05:30 PM








ASAIHL Introduction

The Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) was founded in 1956 as a non-governmental organization at a meeting in Bangkok of the heads of eight state universities in Southeast Asia. Field Marshal Pibulsongkram, the Prime Minister, supported its foundation and approved setting up the Secretariat in Thailand. His government began by giving financial and material support, which continued for several years until the Association had other sources of funds. More recently, in addition to physical facilities, the Thai government has been supporting the Association with a grant of USD 10,000 annually.
ASAIHL's purpose is to assist member institutions to strengthen themselves through mutual self-help and to achieve international distinction in teaching, research and public service. In so doing, the institutions contribute strength to their respective nations and to the entire region. Specifically, the Association exists to foster the development of the institutions themselves, the cultivation of a sense of regional identity and interdependence and liaison with other regional and international organizations concerned with research and teaching. It serves as a clearing-house of information; provides regular opportunities for the discussion of academic development and general university development; assists member institutions in the recruitment and placement of faculty and staff, exchanges of professors and students and in the development of co-operative arrangements on specific projects; provides advisory services of consultants; strengthens the relationship with regional and international bodies and keeps member institutions informed about developments in the region; and recognizes and acknowledges distinctive achievements among Southeast Asian institutions of higher education.

Founding Fathers

1.  Sir Nicholas Attygalle, University of Ceylon
2.  Air Marshal Muni M. Vejyant Rangshrisht, Chulalongkorn University
3.  Dr. Lindsay Ride, University of Hong Kong
4.  Prof. Bahder Djohan, University of Indonesia
5.  Sir Sydney Caine, University of Malaya
6.  Dr. Vidal A. Tan, University of the Philippines
7.  Dr. Htin Aung, University of Rangoon
8.  Prof. Nguyen-Quang-Trinh, National University of Vietnam

ASAIHL Conference 2024

Juntendo University was founded as a private medical school in 1838 and has since grown into a comprehensive health university and graduate school consisting of 9 faculties, 5 graduate schools, and 6 affiliated hospitals. Our school promotes initiatives for international contributions through the three pillars of "education," "research," and "practical/medical treatment". In accordance with our school’s motto of ''Jin'' and our philosophy of ''Continuous Progress,'' we uphold a school culture of ''Three-noes Principles,'' which seeks out the best people and provides them with opportunities to succeed without discrimination based on alma mater, nationality, or gender. We work to nurture and develop people who can support healthcare and welfare.

We are truly honored to host the ASAIHL conference again on our campus and to assume this significant role. We are determined to take full responsibility for a successful conference. The main theme is “Advances in Information and Communication Technology on Education.” The sub-themes are as follows:
① Technology and the future of healthcare
② Technological innovations for education
③ Data science and informatics

ASAIHL plays a significant role as the source of valuable insight and inspiration for the development of higher education not only in Southeast Asia but also throughout the world. We are dedicated to making this conference at Juntendo University both meaningful and successful.

daida hiroyuki

Hiroyuki DAIDA

President, Juntendo University


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